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It’s NOT the same, but it sure is fun! by Doug

I’ll admit to not having a lot of experience when it comes to playing bass. The reason I even bought one  a few years ago was to be able to add low end on my home studio. Should be easy enough...right? It is, after all, a guitar!

Well...yes. And, no. There’s more to bass playing - really good bass playing- than I expected. Coming from a world of melody and harmony, and making all of that happen on six strings, and stepping in to a percussive world of holding grooves took a bit of getting familiar with.

Oh, sure. As my vocabulary expands- and my technique catches up- there’s a ton of room to be expressive on a bass. I get pretty excited thinking about incorporating chords, fills- even slapping- in to my playing. As we write new songs together, I’ll get plenty of opportunity to make the low end mine; but a few things I’ve learned are to pick the moment;s pick the fills; even leave the fills out- as the songs dictate. 

Many really good bass lines are stand alone works, but they are made complete by the song they are with. That’s the magic I chase when I’m playing and creating. The right line for the right song.


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