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Work Ethic Never Stops by Doug

As musicians, we all face challenges.  If we don’t, then there’s something wrong with what we are doing. We should be putting ourselves up against these situations all of the time. How we react to, and what we do in the face of challenges, is the measure of who we are as musicians and as people.

It’s obvious here, but I’ll say it anyway: the goal ishould always, always, alway be to get better. If better were easy, then everybody would be. But we all know that obstacles will come up- and we all will make a choice as to how we deal with them.

First, we can ignore something and let it slowly sap our progress, or enthusiasim, or ability.

Second, we can identify the issue, make a plan to deal with it, and then work the plan.

Third, we can make no choice whatsoever, and deal with whatever choice will be made for us. And, most assuredly, a choice will be made (almost certainly the worst possible outcome)  and we’ll be accepting the consequences of non action. 

If you’ve read this far, let me offer a piece of advice. Do the work now. Make the hard choice now. Commit to excellence now. If it’s a difficult piece of music you’re learning, stick with it. If it’s sacrificing time somewhere to put in to your instrument, do it now. If you don’t have an improvement plan, make one now.

I realize music is supposed to be fun, and it is! But a huge part of that fun comes as a result of the work we’ve put in when no one is around to hear us.

Everydody wants to be a rock star until it’s time to do rock star stuff. Go do it!

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