DONNA MILIKIN was born in Orangeburg, South Carolina.  She loves MUSIC and believes that MUSIC and TIME can cure all! 

She loves guitar, and later out of necessity to the band, she learned to play Bass.  Eventually, moving to the front woman position.  Formerly, she enjoyed playing keys and sang back up vocals in an Iggy Pop tribute band called "Raw Power". 

She is influenced by Sass Jordan, Pat Benatar, Heart, Stevie Salas, Glen Hughes, Robin McAuley, Ian Astbury, Rob Halford, Ronnie Dio,  Steven Tyler, Freddy Mercury, Robert Plant, and Liz Halestorm.






Work Ethic Never Stops

As musicians, we all face challenges.  If we don’t, then there’s something wrong with what we are doing. We should be putting ourselves up against these situations all of the time. How we react to, and what we do in the face of challenges, is the measure of who we are as musicians and as people.

It’s obvious here, but I’ll say it anyway: the goal ishould always, always, alway be to get better. If better were easy, then everybody would be. But we all know that obstacles will come up- and we all will make a choice as to how we deal with them.

First, we can ignore something and let it slowly sap our progress, or enthusiasim, or ability.

Second, we can identify the issue, make a plan to deal with it, and then work the plan.

Third, we can make no choice whatsoever, and deal with whatever choice will be made for us. And, most assuredly, a choice will be made (almost certainly the worst possible outcome)  and we’ll be accepting the consequences of non action. 

If you’ve read this far, let me offer a piece of advice. Do the work now. Make the hard choice now. Commit to excellence now. If it’s a difficult piece of music you’re learning, stick with it. If it’s sacrificing time somewhere to put in to your instrument, do it now. If you don’t have an improvement plan, make one now.

I realize music is supposed to be fun, and it is! But a huge part of that fun comes as a result of the work we’ve put in when no one is around to hear us.

Everydody wants to be a rock star until it’s time to do rock star stuff. Go do it!

It’s NOT the same, but it sure is fun!

I’ll admit to not having a lot of experience when it comes to playing bass. The reason I even bought one  a few years ago was to be able to add low end on my home studio. Should be easy enough...right? It is, after all, a guitar!

Well...yes. And, no. There’s more to bass playing - really good bass playing- than I expected. Coming from a world of melody and harmony, and making all of that happen on six strings, and stepping in to a percussive world of holding grooves took a bit of getting familiar with.

Oh, sure. As my vocabulary expands- and my technique catches up- there’s a ton of room to be expressive on a bass. I get pretty excited thinking about incorporating chords, fills- even slapping- in to my playing. As we write new songs together, I’ll get plenty of opportunity to make the low end mine; but a few things I’ve learned are to pick the moment;s pick the fills; even leave the fills out- as the songs dictate. 

Many really good bass lines are stand alone works, but they are made complete by the song they are with. That’s the magic I chase when I’m playing and creating. The right line for the right song.

The Things We Do For .....ROCK!

Hello friends,

This is my first blog, so here we go!

First, I would like to thank you for coming this far or you wouldn't be reading this!  It is not easy playing in a rock band these days, hell, it's not easy being a fan of rock.  We work our fingers to the bone to be able to enjoy the all-too-short weekend and indulge in this thing that we love.  It feeds our spirit and gives us the strength to keep moving.  I believe it to be a divine gift.  So, listen to a CD or go to a local rock show and support this thing we love while you can.  We are one in the music!

Take care, 


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