"I had one goal in mind from 15 years old until now, to write and perform original rock music.  It has always been a challenge that kept me going thru good times and bad.   A journey not a destination.  I have been fortunate enough to have a partner to share this with, my wife Donna.  Bona Lisa is the culmination of this dream that I have been following for more than half of my adult life.  Hopefully some will share this dream with us."


Marshall JMP 2203 100 Watt Head,  Marshall JCM 900 2100 SL-X 100Watt Head

Marshall 1960A & 1960B 4X12 Cabinets

Ampclamp WT-PRO II Mic Mount System

Dean 30th Anniversary V 

Dean "Michael Schenker " Signature V 

"Surh Doug Aldrich" Bridge/Gibson "Angus Young" Neck

Boss TU-3 Tuner , Boss BF-2 Flanger, Boss PS-6 Harmonist, Marshall Guv'nor Overdrive

Golden Path Tele Tone Boost, Snarling Dog Whine-O Wah

Shure SM 57 

GHS Boomers 10-46 GBL Strings: